The following comments by Jay Duggan on Facebook are thought provoking even though I would have said it different:

The legislature voted to revoke Walz’s emergency orders and lost the vote. Why? The Republican leader promised to cave before they even took the vote. The Republican Senate Leader is preparing to sell out his only piece of leverage left to pressure Walz, a $2 BILLION bonding bill with every Mpls DFL wet dream funded, in exchange for…NOTHING. Walz keeps dictator powers, continues to spend the $2 billion federal money anyway he wants, will make a masks mandate and close bars and restaurants again the minute Paul gives him the money. As a “what the heck” bonus prize Paul Gazelka apparently agrees with Walz the entire state is racist garbage and it’s not the Mpls DFL kooks running a crappy city and police dept that killed George Floyd, it’s our racist state and he will pass Statewide Police Reform without a single hearing on how the Mpls DFL marxist commies screwed up their city and police dept so bad that they let the place burn for 3 days and kicked off a record murder spree.

Paul Gazelka supposedly represents the rural counties (Todd, Cass, Morrison, Wadena) west of Brainerd in Senate District 9. Walz lost here. Trump won huge here. Kinda surprising they have a RINO DFL-lite supporter in their Senate seat. HE HAS A PRIMARY CHALLENGER.

Check out and volunteer, donate, vote to replace Gazelka in the August 11th primary with somebody willing to take the #RocksAndCows  to war against the #ExtremeMplsLiberals who control and are trying to ruin our state and ignore everything past the metro skyline.

How did a State Farm Insurance agent paid by State Farm to be a Senator end up running the Minnesota Republican Senate in the first place?

Is the Greater Minnesota way of life for sale now? Not any more.

Published by richarddahl777

I am your Blue-Collar attorney admitted to the State Bars of Minnesota and Wisconsin. I was born and raised in a small farming community in the Midwest and was an All-Conference college football player at Knox College where I finished in the top 10% of my class and won the highest award in Economics as the best graduating student in the department. I then received a degree from the University of Chicago Law School, a Top Five Law School, after transferring from the University of Illinois Law School where I had made Law Review. In a career of over 20 years, I have combined vigilant old-fashioned work ethic with my relentless pursuit of justice. My empathetic approach to my clients and work ethic quickly garnered me a reputation as a formidable and well-respected attorney, resulting in my nomination as a rising star in Minnesota Law & Politics Magazine. Further, I have become a savvy and seasoned litigator who will fight to obtain the best results for his clients whether it is a personal injury case, criminal case, family law matter, employment dispute, or any other litigation matter. I am running for State Senate District 09 in Minnesota because my local senator for months refused to confront Governor Walz on the extended unjustified lockdown using medical models from grad students at the U of M while sending COVID19 patients to nursing homes exposing the most vulnerable Minnesotans. Then, he failed to adequately address the politicians in the Minneapolis fever swamp who are liberal socialists that allowed Antifa and BLM to act with impunity in destroying areas in the Twin Cities without any justification causing 500 million dollars in damage. I intend to bring my work ethic, family values and tenacity to fight for and represent Senate District 09. Minnesota needs fighters now to help save the state and the Twin Cities from misguided politicians. Any donation of $20, $40, $50, or even $100 or more will help me send him back to his insurance job and go fight for YOU. Send your check to Richard Dahl, Dahl For Senate, PO Box 452, Pequot Lakes, MN 56472. You can also donate to Dahl for Senate at:

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